"Industrial Museums Scotland" is a federation of Scotland's leading independent industrial museums. All have accredited facilities and hold collections that are recognised by the Scottish Government as being of national significance.

recognised collection

All member museums are charities, constituted as companies limited by guarantee, and face many common issues related to governance and sustainability.

Membership of IMS provides an informal forum through which to share information and experience on development and management issues both as independent cultural organisations and as tourism businesses. Membership encourages practical partnerships on projects of mutual interest, and provides a collective voice.

In curatorial and policy issues IMS promotes good communication and cooperation with all national, local authority and independent museums that hold industrial collections. IMS also work closely with New Lanark Trust, other custodians of historic sites, specialist knowledge networks such as STICK, and all other agencies with an interest in the preservation and promotion of Scotland's industrial heritage.

Safeguarding the past and inspiring the future

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Scots have a proud history of invention, enterprise and engineering prowess. At the peak of the industrial revolution, Scotland led the world in developing technologies and manufactured products that were employed throughout the globe.

Many of the important products, tools, buildings, and records of Scotland's traditional industries would have been lost if not for the efforts of a network of museums, all rooted in communities that once served Scotland's mills, mines and factories. These industrial museum collections and archives, (and the specialist knowledge associated with them), are now a priceless resource.

Scotland's industrial museums continue to pioneer new ways to sustain and celebrate this unique heritage; involving communities and inspiring new generations.

Member Museums

Aberdeen Maritime Museum

The Museum tells the story of the city's long relationship with the sea, and houses a unique collection covering shipbuilding, fast sailing ships, fishing and port history. It is also the only place in the UK where you can see displays on the North Sea oil and gas industry.

Almond Valley Heritage Trust

One of many family-friendly attractions at Almond Valley, the Scottish Shale Oil Museum tells of Scotland's pioneering role in the early years of the oil industry. Displays and archives illustrate how shale was mined and processed to yield products that oiled the wheels of industry and illuminated the lives of many.

Dundee Heritage Trust

Established to preserve and interpret Dundee's industrial past, the Trust are responsible for the Royal Research Ship Discovery and the associated Discovery Point Antarctic Museum and Conference Centre plus Verdant Works, one of the nation’s most important textile museums .

Museum of Lead Mining

A real 18th century lead mine set deep in the hillside where visitors can experience the thrill of going underground. Make your way along village paths to the two miners’ cottages and see how the miners really lived before exploring the second oldest subscription Library in Europe,

National Mining Museum Scotland

The Grade 'A' Listed Lady Victoria Colliery, one of the finest examples in Europe, is home to the national coal mining collection. The museum vividly brings to life the inspiring story of coal mining, one of Scotland's great enabling industries, upon which the nation's industrial superstructure was dependent.

Scottish Fisheries Museum

Situated on the harbour front in Anstruther, in the heart of the Fife fishing community, the Scottish Fisheries Museum tells the story of fishing in Scotland and its people from earliest times to the present. The collection includes 19 historic boats.

Scottish Maritime Museum

The Scottish Maritime Museum has two unique sites, in Grade A listed buildings. Located in Irvine and Dumbarton on the West of Scotland, they have strong maritime connections but each location displays a different aspect of Scotland's maritime heritage.

Scottish Railway Preservation Society

Scotland's largest and most comprehensive collection of railway rolling stock, equipment and other museum objects are displayed within a fascinating exhibition on the shores of the Forth, and are brought to life working a scenic five mile branch line.

The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses

Discover the skill, dedication, science and romance of Scotland's Lighthouses in our purpose built Museum. In the company of our friendly guides, you climb to the top of the first lighthouse in Scotland. Then relax in our cafe and shop.

Summerlee - Museum of Scottish Industrial Life

Summerlee is set in 22 acres based around the site of the nineteenth century Summerlee Ironworks. The museum has many attractions for all the family, including Scotland's only operational heritage tramway and recreated mine, with guided tours, miners' cottages, a great all-ages playpark and lots lots more.